Simon's Cat Platform Scratcher Post

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Sharples & Grant are pleased to present an exclusive range of products based on the award winning series of animated sketches called 'Simon's Cat'

Created by animator Simon Tofield, it follows the humorous and charming adventures of Simon's Cat and his relationship with Simon's cartoon alter ego. Simon's Cat is an adorable but anarchic feline who will do just about anything to be fed.

Debuting online, it became a viral sensation overnight, now boasting a huge following on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Spanning films, books and games, it has found a place in people's hearts around the world, with viewers warming to Simon's Cat's comically familiar and mischievous antics

This fantastic cat scratcher has all the ingredients to make for a fun and enjoyable toy for your cat. Features a sisal pole and a hanging pom pom with feathers for clawing and biting, a platform for resting or playing on, and embroidered images of the mischeivous feline himself