Alpha Junior & Active (Field Nuggets) 15kg

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Ideal for all breeds of working dog, Alpha Junior & Active has been nutritionally formulated as a complete and balanced diet for Junior dogs from 9 months old and to meet the physical demands of Active dogs.

Carefully formulated to include fish meal, which is very rich in amino acids, and whole linseed which is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids to provide subtle joints, a strong heart, healthy skin and a shiny coat

Alpha Junior & Active is a complete and balanced diet containing beef, chicken and fish protein along with a range of vitamins and minerals which provides a high energy and wholesome food. All the ingredients are carefully cooked in order to ensure that digestion is optimised.

*25% Protein for muscle development and strength

*12% Oil

*Extra vitamins for fitness & vitality

*Balanced Omega 3 & 6 oils for skin and coat health

*Natural Prebiotic to improve digestive health

*Extra energy for enhanced stamina and work rate

*Easy to digest & highly palatable

*No artificial colours or flavours

*Highest protein sources

*Scientifically formulated for health and vitality

*Each meal is balanced and nutritionally complete

*VAT FREE in the United Kingdom

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