Burgess Gerbil Granola, 750g

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Our strong family values and traditions
are core to the Burgess story. For
generations we have produced the finest
quality foods for people, pets and animals.
Our 200 year heritage in agriculture has
helped forge strong relationships with the
farming community and the ingredients
for our recipes are sourced locally
wherever possible.
The health and happiness of animals is
our number one goal and our expert
knowledge in nutrition helps us achieve
this. Of course as animal lovers ourselves,
we’re also passionate about making great
quality, tasty foods."
Burgessl Gerbil Granola is a gerbilicious luxury granola meal created especially for your pet gerbil. It’s a complete food, which combines our finest quality natural ingredients including exotic succulent fruits of scrumptious banana flakes, tempting apricots, juicy apple cubes, with lush vegetables and energy boosting seeds and grains, and the optimum balance of nutrients.